Roll Back Personal Computer with Deep Freeze Software

System maintenance is of crucial importance to any users, who want to keep their PC in a secure state. When there are repetitive instances of system crashes during high productivity hours, it becomes very troublesome for the end-users to roll back computer to a desired working state. Most Windows users end up trying multiple troubleshooting options to roll back PC to a working state, but such attempts often go in vain because they need significant IT intervention for successful results. When you have tried almost all the troubleshooting alternatives to roll back computer to a workable state, you can consider deep freezing your system, a robust rollback software solution that can reset the state of your system each time it is rebooted.

Deep Freeze: A Robust Rollback Software by Faronics

Deep Freeze delivers complete IT system protection solutions, and helps end-user to roll back computer to its original baseline settings. This potent rollback software does not only ensure 100% recovery of the workstations with a simple restart, it also provides bulletproof system security and license compliance. Be it a single workstation, or multiple systems connected over a server, Deep Freeze acts like an effective Reboot to Restore tool for all, and helps roll back computer to its desired frozen state in an instant.

When Deep Freeze is deployed in a system, it helps the end-users and IT administrators in recovering the workstations from potential issues and damages. Furthermore, it eliminates all unauthorized changes with each reboot, while providing each

Deep Freeze: A SteadyState Alternative for Windows 7

Technological disruption has caused unprecedented, transformative changes in multiple industries such as healthcare, retail, and education. For example, if the changing functionality of the educational institutions in the past decade is observed, the usage of multiple physical computer machines in the school libraries and colleges becomes very evident. However, each system needs to be reset into its original pristine state before the next user starts operating it. Microsoft launched a complimentary software called SteadyState, which tried to function as per such growing requirements. However, the need of a more efficient SteadyState alternative for Windows 7 has been felt across various sectors because Microsoft failed to implement SteadyState in Windows 7. On the other hand, small public-facing computing environments, such as libraries, kiosks, schools, colleges, gaming cafes, etc., require a faster disaster recovery process and a backup application embedded into the system. This calls for a more potent and flexible SteadyState alternative for Windows 7 like Deep Freeze for complete workstation protection and recovery.

Microsoft SteadyState: How It Works

SteadyState was officially introduced as an additional security cover in Windows XP and Vista. It functions by diverting all the accesses into a file when the system is being used. With a logout or reboot, SteadyState facilitates the removal of such files, thus ensuring that the system regains its original state after the reboot is performed.

With the official declaration of Microsoft about SteadyState getting phased out from June 30, 2011, SteadyState was ceased to be available for downloads. This free

System Restore: The Simple Solution to Complex IT Conundrums

System Restore: The IT Solution That Keeps it Simple

Computers have become indispensable to the lives of individuals and businesses in a technological age. Even though connected devices are gaining widespread adoption, according to Gartner projections, over 260 million PCs were sold in 2016. Moreover it has been revealed that Windows users outnumber Mac users 4:1 – there are as many as 100 million Mac users and 400 million active Windows users worldwide. A number this large also creates a wide catchment area for various OS-related problems. Many of these have an easy fix – a simple restart. For this we have System Restore. Users can bypass lengthy and complex procedures for a solution that can be activated with a single click of the restart button. So read on to find out more about what System Restore was built for and is capable of.

What is System Restore?

The answer to what System Restore is, lies in the name itself. System Restore is a Windows recovery tool which allows users to restore their computers to a pre-determined state of configuration. So, for users who want an undo button to go with their Windows operating systems, System Restore is a backup and restore solution that they have been looking for. It should be noted that these changes only impact settings that are directly related to the operating system. These include installed programs, registry keys, drivers, and so on. For instance, a user may experience an unusual degree

BYOD : Why it is Critical to Ensure Device Visibility, Along with Flexibility

Mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets, have driven the consumerization of IT and continue to change how people expect to operate in their personal and work environments. In most cases, organizations looked to avoid the trend entirely by continuing to support their own systems and hardware. Increasing demand and promise for mobile devices, however, have changed the game plan for many businesses, particularly as people look to take advantage of remote work opportunities while remaining connected.

Company leaders are increasingly looking into the benefits and potential that mobile devices could afford their operations. Bring-your-own-device or BYOD policies are being increasingly implemented to maintain control over access to critical information and guide hardware use. It will be critical to strike a balance between flexibility and ensuring that IT professionals have visibility into all the devices active within the business’ network.

BYOD Adoption on the Rise

More employees are looking to leverage their personal mobile devices for work purposes, and businesses are starting to get on board with the trend. According to Gartner, 39 percent of employees are using their own smartphones and phablets for work. However, personal devices are difficult for organizations to govern. Gartner’s report found that another 23 percent are given corporate-issued smartphones. This might establish company control but doesn’t always give workers the flexibility they desire.

BYOD adoption is on the rise, but it can impact network visibility.Organizations are increasingly jumping to support BYOD or strike a compromise for using mobile hardware. A 2015 survey by Tech

Deep Freeze: A Windows SteadyState Replacement

Libraries experienced transformative changes in the last decade. Technological disruption has iterated the operation of public and institutional libraries almost entirely. Buildings housing dusty books, bookshelves, and inventory cards have been replaced by an increasing number of computers in line with the changing expectations of new-age library patrons. Hence, public libraries in schools and colleges are heavily dependent on IT systems for their day-to-day operations. It is essential that computing systems in educational institutions have an embedded backup application and disaster recovery process in place. Deep Freeze, a Windows SteadyState replacement is a Reboot to Restore solution that addresses this gap. SteadyState software was a faulty security solution on many counts. Deep Freeze is an apt alternative to SteadyState software.

Public libraries, school and community colleges, and university libraries have online processes to access e-books, archives, audio books, and research databases and hence, are prone to the risks of being infected with accidental download of faulty malware and viruses. This translates to system downtime and mounting IT tickets. Now you can move over SteadyState software. Install Deep Freeze instead of SteadyState software!

Deep Freeze, a SteadyState software replacement, which has Reboot to Restore as one of its critical functionalities, is the answer to the challenges confronted by libraries today. It is an alternative of SteadyState software. This Windows SteadyState replacement ensures comprehensive data security for libraries. Our robust solution, Deep Freeze (a SteadyState software replacement), is capacitated with the ability to restore systems back to a state of desired